Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 16

Looking back during the creation of Arrival From The Unknown, the one thing I believe that really stands out the most was the creation of the menus and the hand animation ripping the paper. Being able to create these menus really gave me a big push in motivating me to continue learning more about Photoshop, Flash, and Actionscript.

Game Menu
(This is not an image)

(Zoom in for clearer font)

Arrival: From The Unknown Trailer

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 15 10/18-10/24

In this week my group and I had to get all the stuff together. There were many problems we ran into when putting the file together. One problem involved getting the map to load up even though it we had gotten the map to load up before. Another problem involve the dynamite not showing up when we made the game into an executable. For more information go to:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week 14 10/11-10/17

In this week I started off by finishing rigging the npc character I had made in week 9. Next, I started creating the female model. I followed the tutorial below for the female part. (Female body) (Head)

The head wasn't too bad since I had a good visual of the 3D space for the head. The body however, took some time but it ended pretty well for a first time. After I finish modeling the part I wielded the parts together to get this.

Once I got one object I started UV mapping and texturing. Next, I created cloth, boots, and added hair to my female character. While working on the hair, I used plane and added texture to it first, and then I start placing the hair pieces on the head.

Once I got the whole thing texture, I started rigging the model. When I was rigging the model I had the cloth and boots a separate model, the hair a separate model, and the whole body a separate body. It was much more easier to rigged this time because I manage to get the Mirror Mode working.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Week 13 10/4-10/10

This week I had tried out many different things that I have not done in the past weeks. I finish making a laser rifle and a spaceship. I used my rifle I made in week 10 as base reference for the size and shape.

Once I got my outline of the laser rifle I did attach them but I did not start UV mapping them. I created another model that will be only one object base on the outline. I did this to make it easier to UV map the texture.

As shown above is my finish model of the laser rifle and UV map. The reason why I made the rifle white is because before I texture I use this image and created a color outline so it would have been easier to know what spot to be color what and more control.

I created my color outline of the laser rifle in Photoshop. I made used of the layer effect from InnerGlow to get the black outline. Once I got my color outline done I started to texture my model and giving it a specular texture and normal map. Here is my result:

I am almost done with the laser rifle. I had rigged the rifle and imported it into UDK. There I made use of the engine Material Editor to give it a glowing effect when use in game.


Final result

With the spaceship, my group decided to have the spaceship to be a flying saucer. When working on my spaceship I had skip creating a color outline because the shape wasn't really complex, I just had to make sure to UV map it well.

Top view

Bottom view

No Normal Map

 When I had finish modeling and texturing I had imported it into UDK. I did not needed to rigged this time. When working with Material Editor, using what I learn from my laser rifle, I did made the space glow, but I made use of Panner to give my material some animation.


Final result

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

week 12 9/27-10/3

In this week, my main focus was to finish my enemy model from last week. I manage to finish the enemy model, texturing the enemy model, and rigged the enemy model. When I was modeling the hand and the leg. I had to made sure that my model would match the same style as the model the other alien. So I reuse the parts from the alien model I made in week 2. I made use of the hand and feet, the tail I decided to just make a different tail.

When I was rigging it, I used a biped and some of the stuff I did differently is detaching parts of the body in separate object. The head, arm, spike, shoulder-pad, and tail was part of it own object. This really had made it easier to rigged. One really useful thing I had learned along the way is how to reset the biped position. If you clicked on any part of the biped and go to the motion tab that is between hierarchy and display, go to Copy and Paste, and click on the plus sign if it is not already there. Next, you would need to click on the Disk icon that say "Save Collection". Just save it anywhere you want. Once you do that, the clipboard under it should not be gray out anymore and there should be a "Copy Posture", "Paste Posture", and "Paste Opposite Posture". Now you need to click and highlight on any of the biped either alone or multiple bipeds, and click on Copy Posture. This would add a selection under "Copied Posture". Whenever you want to reset a biped to it original position, just clicked on any biped and under "Copied Posture", make sure it is showing the picture of the biped parts you want to reset to and click on "Paste Posture". This is my result of my rigged:

(Will not be used in game)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 11 9/20-9/26

In this week, I finish a good final version of my inventory menu and shop menu that will be use in Beta. I also manage to get them to interact with each other in flash. The only thing left to do is to get them to interact with the game. My next objective with flash would be to create a quest menu.

Another thing I did this week is started creating another alien enemy. Unlike before, this time my group gave me some reference to do. The difficult part is that my group only gave me one picture of the head and the body. I will have to use my imagination to do the rest.



With the image above this is how far I manage to get done during this week.

With the head I just think of it as a left side view and use symmetry to get the other half. With the body, I had  to keep create the arm separate. I had to model a good amount of the body shape and then get rid half of the body. I use the bone tool to skin the half of the body to straighten things out so I can use symmetry to get a good other half of the body. I won't need to use the picture again until I finish a good basic shape of the body, and add feature such as the shoulder spike to my enemy.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Week 10 9/13-9/19

To start off, in this week I manage to finish modeling a repeater rifle, I am also done with our pause menu, and close to being done with the inventory system. For the rifle, I use the link from below to model and texture the rifle.

With this:

Got this:

With the pause menu, I follow the flow chart below:

The black line mean you can advance to the next square where as the red line mean you can return back to the previous square. Once the confirmation is set to yes, the game will exit.

The image above show the inventory and shop vendor menu I had been working on. The black circle is a cursor I just use to test some stuff out. I use the example from this site: to get the overall idea on how to create the inventory setup. After showing this to the group, we talked and determine that I will need to make some more adjustment to both of the menu.